“Gola joga djevojka” inspiriše ljude širom svijeta

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Njeno ime je nepoznato, ali je cijela zajednica na Instagramu poznaje kao “golu joga djevojku”.

„Your life is a reflection of your thoughts. If you change your thinking, You change your life.“ ❤ #reflection

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I think self-esteem it’s the key factor for happiness, optimism and for believing in your own capability: to believe that we can affect our life. I would like everyone to understand „you are beautiful exactly the way you are“. I would like to remind you, you can do it. You can do amazing things. ❤ I know self-esteem is a feature that can be developed. And when you start to trust yourself and start to be proud of yourself in a good way, your life will change. In a positive way. I haven’t always had good self-esteem, not at all. But I’ve found it and I want you to find it too. Because you will, you are enough. And when you start to think that you are good enough, you will start to feel so and at the end act like it also. ❤

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Who are you? This question and finding the answer to that is really important, I think. We are many roles but under them we should find the answer. You are not just a mum, dad, teacher, child, wife, friend. You are a unique person. ❤ When I started to know myself better, I got a base for my values, my strenghts, my dreams, my social relationships. When I understood and made clear to myself who I am, it made me less sensitive to other’s opinions, criticism and so on. It makes life better when I don’t have to wait for the opinions of others to be good enough for myself. You can give yourself the things you want from others. ❤ When we know our weaknesses and strenghts it’s easier to accept our character, use the good and improve the „not as good“ qualities. It’s makes it easier to understand others also. For example I have also my introvert side so I’m ambivert. When I realized that I started to understand better my family members and friends who are totally introvert or extrovert. I don’t try to change others. I try to understand them, and when I understand myself, it’s possible. I can focus on others, not on my own uncertainty.

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Pod nalogom “Nude Yoga Girl” ona inspiriše ljude širom svijeta da vježbaju jogu i to u oskudnom izdanju.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you in which way this account has changed me the most. Before I cared too much about what other people thought of… I was too nice, accomodative and it was too important for me that people would accept me. There’s nothing wrong to think about other’s feelings, but if you try to always please others, you will make compromises on who you are, what you want and how you think. ❤ During the first days and weeks I was ready to remove this account every other day…. Always when I read a negative comment (even if there were just a few) on some platforms or when one of those rare people I told about this at first was questioning the meaning of it… ❤ I’m sensitive and I don’t want to violate anyone with my photos. But then I realised there will always be people who don’t think how I think. That doesn’t mean I’m wrong (or right). We are different and it’s impossible to bow in every direction at the same time. ❤ As long as our purpose is good, it can’t be so bad. I don’t want to harm anyone but the opposite, I thought. Nowadays I’m very happy. And I’m happy also because of this account. My art and You have really taught me new things in many ways. ❤ I hope you all have the courage to follow your heart and do things what you want to do. Because usually those who first may be against your choices start to understand them at the end. They may apologise afterwards that they didin’t support you first. And then you can just smile, because you already have become the person for which it’s enough that you stand behind yourself and your choices. That’s the most important thing.❤

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Ova anonimna djevojka i model prisutna je na Instagramu od 2015. godine.

„Nature loves to hide.“ -Heraclitus ❤️

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Ima više od 670.000 pratioca, a pod haštagom #NYGyoga ona je pokrenula i druge da se slikaju i vježbaju na sličan način.

In so many moments during the last dew days I’ve stopped and felt gratitude, love, peace, enthusiam and inspiration. A week ago I felt the opposite. Almost for one whole month. What has changed so radically: my level of stress. ❤ I came back in the middle of nature, I got many works with deadlines done and I took a lot of time to practice yoga and meditation, sleeping well and the nutrition for my body. I took time to also be alone and I know I can (if I want to) stay in one place for a while. Mind-body-spirit. They all come together. ❤ I see healthy in a holistic way and for me stress is the most challenging thing to keep positive. When I’m really stressed it’s harder to take care of my other healthy habits. Even if at that time I would need them the most. When I’m not stressed and busy I eat well, do a lot of yoga and meditate, take time to be in the middle of nature and read books, which makes me happy. But the problem is when a stressful period lasts too long, balance disappears and burning out becomes a threat. ❤ I think it’s funny how people many times think that those who are into yoga are so calm. I’m here doing yoga because my head has so much going on all the time. I love yoga, because it makes me happy, it always gives me balance, it makes me more gentle towards myself in life. I’m still learning to practice yoga and meditate also when my mind is the very busy and the most confused, when at first it’s totally impossible to focus on my breath. But I’m getting there, I will learn. ❤

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600K!! ??❤️❤️❤️ So much LOVE to you, thank you for your support!! ❤ This photo is for all of you. #NudeYogaGirlAlphabet

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