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Lauren Drain ima nezvaničnu titulu najseksepilnije medicinske sestre na svijetu.

My #mondaymotivation is a throwback to last years Bodies of Work volume 5 shoot by ? I had the privilege of being selected for this iconic collection & even had one of my images selected as their cover ??

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Don’t smile because you’re finished. Smile because you’ve decided not to settle. Smile because the keys to success are all in your head. Your mind is the beginning of all your life’s transformations. Feed it positive energy & vibes & the obstacles will stop seeming hard. ••• Lens by: @theiobot

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Tridesetjednogodišnja Lauren živi na Floridi, gdje je zaposlena kao medicinska sestra, specijalizovana za kardiologiju.

Because everyone always ask: 5’5 & about 138lbs in this pic ? What else you wanna know? ? ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot

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Karijeru u zdravstvu je započela sa 16 godina, a pored svog glavnog zanimanja, Lauren radi i kao lični trener.

Smile at the haters. You can’t pay the bills or limit my success with their rude opinions. I see you seeing me, and I’ll still say have a good day! ❤️✌??? Pic | @theiobot

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Zahvaljujući dobroj organizovanosti, uvijek nađe vremena za intenzivne treninge u teretani, a ne krije da su upravo vježbe zaslužne za njen izgled.

Motivating myself today! You VS You! ???? Can’t wait to make more fitness magic with @michaeloliveri – one of my favorite photographers.

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Ona je takođe zagovornica aktivnog stila života, i smatra da je on ključ dugotajnog zdravlja.

Would you treat your material possessions better than the body you live in? Keep that body polished & refined. ?

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“U svojoj karijeri nikada nisam vidjela profesionalnog sportistu koji je doživio ozbiljnu zdravstvenu krizu. Postoji razlog za to – aktivan životni stil smanjuje rizik od bolesti i promoviše opšte dobro”, poručila je Lauren.

‼️PLEASE READ‼️Ladies! I used to think some were just blessed with a perfect body and others were not. That there was no way to change your body, shape or improve your appearance naturally yet drastically. But once I found fitness & a diet that fueled my body I fell in love with the fact that i could drastically enhance the body I was given, blessed or not. I want to share my personal experiences with women everywhere. Aging or growing more mature, as I like to look at it, is a blessing! Time to grow stronger, build those muscle, become tighter, leaner, be more discipline and improve our shape over time! I started falling in love with the fact that time is a blessing if we use it to our advantage! What are you waiting for! Let’s sculpt our bodies now! Time will bless you! ?? Check out the link in my bio for all my workout programs & diet plans @laurendrainfit ••• Photo by the hubs: @theiobot

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Making sure those legs match those glutes ? Remember ladies – it’s nearly impossible to build a booty without also sculpting your legs. If you’re looking for a great glute workout checkout my 3 stage progressive booty building guides on or link in my bio ?? Also, my 6 week challenge contestants have had some amazing transformations in just 6 weeks time – check out all their results & testimonials on my website ?

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U trenutku kada je osjetila slabost i umor, ona je riješila da preuzme kontrolu nad svojim životom.

If you need a WCW – here’s a chick in a boat ⛵️ —- This photo of me is my current motivation to get back & shredded before Olympia. Currently enjoying a bit of treats on vacation but I am always sure to set goals once I’m back home. It’s important to let yourself have a vacation away from strict dieting & training every so often. It resets your mood, body & sanity. 1 or 2 weeks off for vacation or a break is healthy as long as you don’t allow that to turn into a month or several months or a year. Stay hungry my friends for fitness, health, energy & strength. It is your youth & ultimately your quality of life. Oh & it makes you sexy AF ? — Pic by the hubs: @theiobot

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Having an amazing stay at the beautiful @DELANOHOTELS and @DELANOBEACHCLUB with my girls. #DESTINATIONDELANO #WORLDOFSBE

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“Željela sam da budem zdrava, zgodna, jaka, sigurna žena koja aktivno zaustavlja bolest umjesto da je liječi pilulama i ljekovima”, izjavila je u intervjuu za “Dejli Mejl”.

When those abs peek through the „onesy“ ?

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Osim što redovno objavljuje motivacione fotografije na Instagramu, Lauren je veoma aktivna i na blogu gdje promoviše zdrav život.

Those private beach vibes ?? with @theiobot

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Izvor: Cafe Del Montenegro

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